Probiotic Content: Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086 – 1 billion organisms
Ingredients: MOJO Kombucha (>99%)* (Fermented from Pure Water, Sugar*#, Tea* and a PERFECT Kombucha Culture), Pressed Ginger Juice (<1%)*. *Certified Organic Ingredients. #The sugar is consumed by the yeast and bacteria during fermentation. MOJO is living, so keep it chilled!
Due to the unique fermentation recipe this product contains a trace amount of alcohol. Not more than 0.5% in compliance with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards and the State and Territory based legislation.

MOJO Ginger Tonic

Pressed Ginger juice has been infused with our Organic Kombucha, giving a whole new dimension both in taste and health supporting qualities.

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