What is a probiotic?

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) defines probiotics as:
“Live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host”.

In other words, probiotics are “good”, “friendly” or “healthy” bacteria that when ingested in adequate amounts may provide health benefits.

There are many products on the market labelled as probiotics, how effective are they?

Did you know that many probiotics are killed off in the stomach due to gastric juices before they even reach the intestines to be of any benefit? How do you know if the probiotic in the product you are consuming is even reaching your intestines alive? It doesn’t matter if your product is brimming with probiotics; if the stomach juices kill them all off then they are of no use to your health.

No other Kombucha in Australia or New Zealand has our probiotic. MOJO Kombucha has probiotic bacteria that survives the journey from mouth to stomach and reaches your intestines as a living probiotic. In fact it survives 10 TIMES more effectively than yoghurt cultures! From there it is able to support digestive and immune health by producing L+ Lactic acid. This supports the good bacteria already living in the gut and displaces any harmful organisms.

Is it safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding?

As stated on the bottle, there are trace elements of alcohol present as a residual of the fermentation process. We monitor our Kombucha religiously, to ensure we are within all State and National Legislated Standards of alcohol limits. We advise you to seek the advice of your health professional.

There are bits in the bottle, what is this?

These bits are the proof that our product is living. It is strands of the culture and other goodness, and they are to be enjoyed as part of the drink. They are the healthy bits!

How long can I keep a bottle once opened?

We recommend 2 days in the fridge, that’s if you don’t drink it all at once.

Why does the sugar content vary so much between different brands of Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented elixir, and yes the sugar is added at the start of the process. We have spent over ten years refining, living and breathing the recipe for our MOJO, and we are confident we have the best combination of a powerhouse of healthy goodness, a refreshing, pleasant and satisfying drink with a true gutsy kombucha impact on the palette a certified organic product with nothing added, no sweeteners, no nasties because our gutsy taste and finish on the palette is achieved through a natural process. We do not want to dilute our product to reduce its impact or ingredients numbers, and then beef it up with sweeteners to make it have a ‘pleasant’ taste.

We do not dilute or water down our product to achieve low figures on our food labels, we believe you are paying for a premium health product and we take the responsibility of delivering the ‘best health bang for your buck’ very seriously there is some differences between our varieties, as expected with the different fruit content

Team MOJO are super confidant about the quality of our product. The depth of kombucha knowledge on our Team (we believe) would be unsurpassed by any other Australian kombucha producer. We achieve our gutsy tasting brew, brimming with gut loving goodness based on traditional methods which we have refined over our history.
With everything we know, I can say that our MOJO kombucha is the best offering on the Australian market, for you and your body.

What do you mean about living food?

It means that the product has not been homogenised, pasteurised, microwaved, sterilised or synthesised. It is just as nature intended.

Why does my MOJO need to be refrigerated at all times?

To help lock in the freshness of our MOJO and too keep the healthy yeast and bacteria happy – remember it is a living product!

It tastes a little bit like apple cider, is this normal?

Yes, although each batch of Kombucha is a little different because it is hand crafted. Some bottles may taste a little stronger than the next, due to MOJO Kombucha being a living product.

How do you pronounce this word?

The correct pronunciation is KOM-BOO-CHA!